Make Sure That Your Wishes Are Carried Out

Make Sure That Your Wishes Are Carried Out

Will and trust law in Ely, NV

You’ve heard about a last will and testament. You’re somewhat familiar with what it does and why it is necessary. But have you taken the time to think about its importance? A will can do much more than designate who gets your money when you pass away. It can also:

  • Define who has guardianship of your children
  • Allocate property other assets to beneficiaries
  • Designate who will take over your family business
  • Direct assets to the charity of your choice

If you don’t have a binding will in place, the court will oversee the distribution of your assets. Don’t let that happen. Take the initiative and create a will at Kelly C. Brown, PLLC. Mr. Brown is a trusted estate planning attorney based in Ely, NV.

Creating a will can help your family avoid going through a lengthy probate process. Assets will be distributed and other items will be addressed in a much more efficient manner. Give your family peace of mind about what’s coming next with a detailed will. Get in touch with Kelly C. Brown, PLLC today to start drafting your will.