Settle Your Dispute

Settle Your Dispute

Schedule mediation services in Ely, NV

Are you having trouble reaching a resolution in your dispute with another party? A third party will provide an unbiased approach to finding a solution. Kelly C. Brown, PLLC offers mediation services in the Ely, NV area. Attorney Brown facilitates situations in order to find a pathway toward a peaceful resolution.

In an ideal situation, you should maintain a productive relationship with the other party while working through your differences, especially when there are children involved in a personal matter. Discover the middle ground by scheduling mediation services in Ely, NV today.

A mediator helps you find middle ground

Attorney Brown works as a mediator to find common ground through information sharing and the supervision of the bargaining process. He can offer solutions and assist with drafting a settlement. You don’t want to leave your future in the hands of a judge when it comes to:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Child visitation
Attorney Brown will assist you with drafting a parenting plan. Call 775-293-8080 today for mediation services in Ely, NV.