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Criminal and family law attorney in Ely, Nevada

Dealing with a legal matter? Turn to Kelly C. Brown, an experienced family and criminal law attorney based in Ely, Nevada. For over 20 years, Mr. Brown has helped individuals with their legal matters, both inside and outside of the courtroom. Whether you’re facing divorce or a criminal charge, you can count on Kelly C. Brown to provide you with exceptional legal counsel for your case. You can also come to Mr. Brown to draft a will.

Don’t go through this difficult situation without the representation of a qualified attorney. From DUI arrests to divorce cases & wills, Kelly C. Brown has assisted his clients with a wide range of criminal and family law matters in Ely, NV. Reach out today to schedule a consultation with a compassionate and hardworking attorney.

Charged with a crime? What happens en route to Vegas is handled by Kelly C. Brown

Kelly C. Brown, PLLC provides aggressive criminal defense in Ely, Nevada. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor charge or a felony, Mr. Brown will create a plan of action for your case with the goal of obtaining the most favorable outcome. Mr. Brown has experience defending against the following types of criminal charges:

  • DUI and traffic law
  • Drug possession and other crimes
  • Assault and battery

Mr. Brown assists with both state and federal crime law for Ely, Nevada residents. If you need an attorney to represent you for your criminal case, choose one of the most trusted attorneys in the state to protect your rights.

Protect your future with passionate legal assistance

Regardless of whether you’re arranging custody details or facing a criminal charge, your future is on the line. Make sure you’re taking the right steps to secure it. Schedule a consultation with a passionate criminal and family law attorney today and take the right first step toward your future.

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